Weekly Marathons are substitutes for weekly classes. These are catered to facilitate those who prefer to find a three-hour-block on the week end to learn what is to be taught in the week days to follow.

Exam Prep Marathons are revision marathons. In these marathons, all subject content in a given year will be revised and exams tips given. These marathons are held four (4) to eight (8) days before the sitting of the exam and runs in excess of six (6) hours.


We offer face-to-face and online classes.

Face-to-face classes can be access in groups of

  • Exactly five (5) students
  • ten (10) students or less, or
  • fifteen (15) to twenty (20) students.

and for these class one may chose an

  • all male setting
  • all female setting
  • co-head setting
  • all teen setting
  • all adult setting

Online classes are standard classes with no choice of class setting.


We also offer  tutoring  sessions which are either

  • on call (at home or convenient location)
  • at base (at 4:21 Academia's physical site)

Our Tutor/tutoring offerings are as follows.

  • Full Term Tutoring: where we provide tutoring for an entire subject.
  • Term Tutoring: we serve clients who only need our service for one topic.
  • Half Term Tutoring. this gives flexibility to our clients who only require a tutor for a single or multiple subtopics.
  • Home Work Assistance. Be it
    • home work
    • a project
    • School Based Assessment
    • Internal Assessment;

We will help you in an 1-v-1 setting.

We also source tutors for our clients if none is available at 4:21, this at no cost the client for which we are sourcing a tutor.



We also provide branded handouts, work books and study guides. These are usually at a cost but are free for Exam Prep Marathons and subject orders under the premium package.

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