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About Founders


About Founders

This couple has no qualms in telling their story, of how a country boy came to town, and found his most treasured prize.

Remeise Burrell, formerly Remeise Smith, was born to one Dennis and Winsome Smith, in the nations' capital at the Nuttall Memorial Hospital on October 11, 1987. She spent her growing years in Eltham Park, St. Catherine.

Remeise, who had always had a liking for English Language, carefully chose schools that would see her become a teacher, primarily Jessie Ripoll Primary, St. Hughs' High, Shortwood Teachers' College and the most esteemed University of the West Indies.

Mrs. R. Burrell is now a teacher, but of her new love Mathematics.

Donald Burrell was born in the parish of Portland, to one Donald Burrell and Rose Brown at the Buff Bay Hospital. However, unlike his Beautiful counterpart, Donald has two mothers, the second being Mrs. Andrea Stephens Burrell, who up to this day many believe is his biological mother, as she cared for Donald Jr as her own.

Donald fondly recalls his time as Head Boy and Captain of the Schools Challenge Quiz team at the Excelsior High School and his time at the University of the West Indies where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics (Actuarial Science Option).

Mr. Burrell is a teacher of Mathematics.


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